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Gnovations - Gear Software Package for External & Internal / Spur & Helical Gears

  • External Cylindrical Gears Spur & Helical gears errors evaluations
  • Total Form (Fα), Form (ffα), Angular (Slope) (fHα) Deviations for Profile
  • Crowning (CR), Tip (TR)-Root (RR) Relief for Profile
  • Total Form (Fβ), Form (ffβ), Angular (Slope) (fHβ) Deviations for Lead
  • Crowning (CR), Top End (TER)-Bottom End Relief (BER) for Lead
  • "K-Chart" (K-sheet) evaluation
  • "Auto- Plot" option for Profile Graphs.
  • Various Testers Calculations (MAAG, KLINGELNBERG, HOFLER, CARL MAHR)
  • "SAP" Calculations
  • Graphs hard copy on "A4" size paper
  • Graph soft copy on .pdf or .oxps format
  • Deviations evaluations as per DIN or USER defined

USB Interface

  • This Electronic architecture used to interconnect the Electronic Hardware Devices such as Glass Scale, Rotary Encoder & Probe Head to the "Gnovations" software. It allows connectivity of Electronics DAQ Devices to the software.
  • It includes the High speed data transfer through USB port.
  • Design of 2- 9Pin D-Type Connectors, 1-ADC Connector, 1- 230V Input power Connector with Fuse. 13-LED lights or 16*2 LCD Display for Power "ON" indications, DATA Transfer Signals from each axis & High speed DATA transfer indications.

Electronic Probe Head

  • Design architecture is based on 2D measuring for Profile (Involute) & Lead.
  • This Probe head brings highly accurate and flexible probing & offering the user a highly flexible low cost solution.
  • This Probe Head can carry vide range of Stylus (External as well as Internal) offer from Gear Testers India.

Probe Head Interface

  • It allows synchronization of Probe Head Signals to the USB Interface.
  • It includes high speed signal converter, communicating with USB Interface.
  • Design of 1-Round five Pin Connector, 1-ADC Connector, and 1-230V Input power Connector with Fuse.

Master Gears

  • Gear Testers India offers Custom made Master Gears for Gear Testers Calibration as per the requirement.
  • NABL certified Master Gears


Available Retrofitted / Overhauled / Up graded Gear Testers

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