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Gear Testers India
Plot No. W-27, MIDC-Mirjole Block, Tal-Dist. Ratnagiri-415639, MH, INDIA
+91 9423944797

About Us

The head office & Facility of Gear Testers India located in western coastal town RATNAGIRI in Maharashtra State. We have all facilities needed for Conventional Gear Testers Repair, Retro fitment, Up Gradation and PLC Automation.

We are engineering organization founded in 2011, followed by a decade experience in Gear Testing Metrology include repair, Overhaul, Re - Paint, PLC Automation, Retro fitment of Conventional Gear Testers like HOFLER, KLINGELNBERG, MAAG, OSAKA, FRENCO, CARL MAHR, GLEASON Goulder Micron, DAVID BROWN etc..

Gear Testers India offers following services,
  1. Modernized / Retro Fitment / Up Gradation of conventional gear testers with "WINDOWS10" Based Gear soft "GearME", USB Based Hardware Interface. HOFLER EFR/EFRS 300, 400,401,630, HFR1250, KLINGELNBERG PFS/PFSU 500, 600, 640, 1200, 1600, MAAG PH/SP 40, 60, 100, 130 CARL MAHR 891S/891T, David Brown 18T, OSAKA Simitsu, Gleason Goulder Micron IL600/IL600SV, Hamai Japan, ect….
  2. Software & Hardware Up Gradation from WINDOWS-XP/7 to WINDOWS10 based Gear Soft "GearME".
  3. Replacement of old Optical System with new Digital Angular Position System Solutions (Angle Encoder & DRO) of "HEIDENHAIN", "FAGOR"or "RENISHAW" Angle Encoder & DRO for Helical Gears.
  4. Special Stylus & Fixture designing / Manufacturing for Spline Gauges & Internal Gears.
  5. Spares parts Glass Scales, Tape Scales, Rotary Encoder, lower/upper centers, Probe Head repairing, New Probe Head, Styles for all modules of gears, PLC Automation, Renovation of Gear Testers, Carrier etc.

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