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Gear Testers India
Plot No. W-27, MIDC-Mirjole Block, Tal-Dist. Ratnagiri-415639, MH, INDIA
+91 9423944797


Retro Fitment:

We are capable for retro fit almost all make conventional Gear Measuring Machines like HOFLER, KLINGELNBERG, MAAG, FRENCO, CARL MAHR, DAVID BROWN, HMCT, HARBIN, GOULDER MIKRON, GLEASON. We have developed gear lead & profile measurement hardware / electronics & software which work on Windows10 operating system. Also please note that continuous development of software / hardware is going on to meet customer’s requirement with on-site as well as on line support to resolve any problem that customers do face.

Relocation, Installation, Commissioning & Training:

We offer a professional solution package for your CNC or Conventional Gear Measuring Machines Dismantle, Packing & Transport of the machine to new destination including reassembly, Installation, Calibration & Training. We are one source provider to your Inspection Machine.


We offer AMC package for CNC or Conventional Gear Measuring Machines. Package includes full service of the machine & Master Gear (Artifact) calibration. We are using NABL certified lab tested Master Gears for calibration.


We are leading supplier of spares required for CNC or Conventional Gear Measuring Machines Like;

  1. Lower & Upper Centers
  2. Face Plates
  3. 2D Probe Heads for Gear Measuring Machines
  4. Master Gears (Artifacts)
  5. New angular measuring systems (replaces older optical system)
  6. Base Circle Disks
  7. Fixtures for Internal Gears
  8. Carbide, HSS or Carbide/Ruby stylus for Gear Measuring Machines Dia. 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 up-to 10mm

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